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This is the ISO/IEC International Register of Coded Character Sets To Be Used With Escape Sequences for information interchange in data processing. It is compiled in accordance with the provisions of ISO/IEC 2022, "Code Extension Technique" and of ISO/IEC 2375 "Procedure for Registration of Escape Sequences".    

This International Register contains coded character sets which have been registered in accordance with procedures given in ISO/IEC 2375. Its purpose is to identify widely used coded character sets and associate with each a unique escape sequence by means of which it can be designated according to ISO/IEC 2022 and ISO/IEC 4873.    

The publication of this International Register should promote compatibility in international information interchange and avoid duplication of effort in developing application-oriented coded character sets. Registration provides an identification for a coded character set but implies nothing about its status; it may or may not be part of a standard of an international, national or a corporate body. However, if such a standard is published subsequently to the registration, it would be appropriate for the escape sequence identifying the character set to be specified in the standard.    

If it is desired to register a set, application should be made to the Registration Authority through an appropriate Sponsoring Authority as specified in ISO/IEC 2375. Any character set can be a candidate for registration if it meets the requirements of ISO/IEC 2375. The Registration Authority ascertains that the proposals received are formally in accordance with this International Standard, technically in accordance with ISO/IEC 2022, and, where applicable, with ISO/IEC 646 and ISO/IEC 4873, and meet the presentation practice of the Registration Authority.    

For convenience, registrations have the same number as the applications for registration on which they are based. These applications are numbered continuously independently of their subject (graphic characters or control characters). Some applications having been withdrawn, some others being delayed, the series of registration numbers for each type of registration have numbers missing.

Practice of RA has been updated. (2007-03-01)
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The Registration Authority:
Information Processing Society of Japan/Information Technology Standards Commission of Japan (IPSJ/ITSCJ)
Room 308-3, Kikai Shinko Kaikan Building, 3-5-8 Shiba-koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0011, JAPAN
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