ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 34 N 1055
DATE: 2008-07-23

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Secretariat: Japan (JISC)

DOC. TYPE Meeting Report
TITLE Edited Notes, Acclamations and Attendance List of a Meeting of ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC 34 Ad Hoc Group 1 held in London, UK, 2008-07-21/22
SOURCE Dr. Alex Brown - Ad hoc Convener
PROJECT JTC 1.34.29500
STATUS This document is circulated to the SC 34 members for information and review at the SC 34 plenary meeting to be held in Jeju, Republic of Korea, 2008-10-01.
DISTRIBUTION P, O and L Members of ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 34 ; ISO/IEC JTC 1 Secretariat; ISO/IEC ITTF

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== Edited Notes & Acclamations of a Meeting of ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC 34 Ad Hoc Group 1 ==

== 2008-07-21/22 ==

- [Note items of advice are recorded under headings corresponding to agenda items (see document SC 34 N1047)].

4.1 Context of the recommendation and suggestions how SC 34 should handle them

- SC 34's actioning of any recommendations issued by this group are entirely dependent on the current appeals for the 29500 being resolved in such a way that work on the Standard progresses.

- The SC 34 Chair may wish to consider calling any extraordinary SC 34 plenary following such appeal resolution.

- There can only be effective stewardship of Office Open XML if there is continuity between its original development, and onward maintenance phases.

4.2 WG description

- The WG description scope shall be "Maintenance of, and projects directly and exclusively related to, ISO/IEC 29500".

- [Note: "Maintenance" in JTC 1 terms includes the following activities: revision, withdrawal, periodic review, correction of defects, amendment, and stabilization.]

- [Note: see, Directives 2.6]

4.3 Convenorship

- [Note: see Directives 5.5 &]

- Subject to any necessary confirmation from the Japanese NB, Murata Makoto shall be appointed acting convenor of WG 4, until such time as a convenor is selected and appointed by SC 34.

- [Note: Murata-san is convenor of WG 1, which is currently responsible for 29500. He fulfills the requirements of convenorship set out in 5.5.]

4.4 Editors and Editorial Teams

- Rex Jaeschke (Ecma) is the project editor of record for 29500. He is willing and able to continue providing the support he currently does.

- The editing group shall be constituted as per clause 15.4.4 of the JTC 1 Directives. [AB to check with ITTF].

- [Note: see Directives 5.7 & 15.4.4]

4.5 Defect Handling

- [Note: ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC 34 Ad Hoc Group 2 is developing a web application for collecting defect report comments for 29500.]

- WG 4 should adopt the web application of AHG 2, but it shall be for the use of NBs only for the submission of defect report comments. JTC 1 Directives require the submission of defect reports through recognised bodies.

- [Note: Form G5 may still be used for comment submission by NBs.]

- The above does not prevent other, informal mechanisms existing outside the process for comment collection from non-NB contributors. We encourage the establishment of such mechanisms, so that public comments are properly routed through NBs to WG 4.

- SC 34 may wish to encourage NBs to engage with the broader community and submit defect reports.

- [Note: see Directives 15.4 for more detail]

4.6 Programme of work, meeting schedules and time frames

- The initial goal is to publish one or more CORs (or corrected text) in a timely manner as per the JTC 1 Directives.

- Formal telephone conferences (the mainstay of the group's work) shall be scheduled as recurring meetings to take place as often as necessary (e.g. weekly).

- [Note: attention shall be paid to the most up-to-date recommendations from JTC 1 regarding best practice for electronic communication]

- Face-to-face meetings shall take place quarterly, coinciding with SC 34 plenaries where possible. SC 34 should note the likely increased numbers of delegates at plenaries.

- Work between meetings and conferences shall be carried out by email correspondence, or using other forms of electronic communication.

- WG 4 shall adjust its schedule and meeting frequency in response to its workload.

- Note [see Directive 4.4.2; 15 (excluding defect handling)]

4.7 Publication coordination with Ecma and SC 34

- The goal is to prevent marketplace confusion by avoiding unnecessary divergence of the technical content of the ISO/IEC and Ecma published versions of the specification. Ecma and JTC 1 should agree how this might be best achieved.

- [Note: Ecma intends to publish a technically identical version of ISO/IEC 29500 (1st edition, if published), and to make it freely available. CORs may be adopted as Ecma Technical Reports.]

- [Note: SC 34 and Ecma will make best efforts to cooperate to ensure versions of ISO/IEC 29500 and Ecma 376 are kept synchronized.]

4.8 Secretariat

- There needs to be a secretariat (as discussed) to support the workload of the WG.

- This responsibility is assigned as per Directives There is at least one volunteer at present (Ecma).

- Note [see Directive 4.4.2 again]

4.9 Participation

- SC 34 should remind its P-members of their obligations to take an active part in SC activities (Directives 3.1) at all times.

- Given the wide international interest in this project, SC 34 should invite all eligible parties to contribute to the work of the new WG (Directives 3.3). This may be done via ISO and IEC press releases.

4.10 Necessary liaison statements

- none other than those implied above -

== Acclamations ==

A. Ad Hoc Group 1 expresses its thanks to the British Library for generously providing the meeting facilities.

B. Ad Hoc Group 1 expresses its thanks to Francis Cave Digital Publishing and Griffin Brown Digital Publishing Ltd for sponsoring the supply of tea and coffee.

C. Ad Hoc Group 1 expresses its thanks to Dr Brown for chairing the meeting.

== Attendance List for a Meeting of ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC 34 Ad Hoc Group 1 ==

== British Library, London, 2008-07-21/22 ==

Bergius, Kimmo (FI) [Tuesday only]

Brown, Alex (GB) [convenor]

Cave, Francis (GB)

Farquhar, Adam (Ecma)

Jaeschke, Rex (Ecma)

Lange, Pia Elleby (DK)

Leenaars, Michiel (NL)

Mahugh, Doug (Ecma)

Makoto, Murata (JP)

Nobik, Lajos (HU)

Opota, Wemba (CI)

Paoli, Jean (Ecma)

Roberts, Brett (NZ)

Sebestyen, Istvan (Ecma)

Setälä, Manu (FI)

Simonsen, Keld (NO)

Stocholm, Jesper Lund (DK)

Stride, Jean (GB)

Valet-Harper, Isabelle (Ecma)

Welsh, Dave (US)