Defect Reports on ISO/IEC 29500 (OOXML)



Threes files on defect reports are published regularly. The first one is a log file, which contains all defect reports. The second files shows statistics on defect reports. The third file is an index of defect reports.

Date Log
(Tab separated values)
2010-06-01 sc34-wg4-2010-0142-log.pdf Statistics 20100601.pdf Index 20100601.txt
2010-03-06 sc34-wg4-2010-0123-log.pdf Statistics 20100306.pdf Index 20100306.txt
2009-12-27 sc34-wg4-2009-0102-log.pdf Statistics 20091117.pdf Index 20091117.txt
2009-09-28 sc34-wg4-2009-0094-log.pdf Statistics 20090928.pdf Index 20090928.txt
2009-09-09 sc34-wg4-2009-0083-log.pdf Statistics 20090909.pdf Index 20090909.txt
2009-08-01 sc34-wg4-2009-0079-log.pdf Statistics 20090801.pdf Index 20090801.txt
2009-07-01 sc34-wg4-2009-0058-log.pdf Statistics 20090701.pdf Index 20090701.txt
2009-06-13 sc34-wg4-2009-0056.pdf Statistics 20090613.pdf Index 20090613.txt
2009-06-10 sc34-wg4-2009-0053.pdf Statistics 20090610.pdf Index 20090610.txt